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W6 Contracting is committed to job performance with a prioritisation on safety, quality, and time. 

Safety - W6 is currently certified under two industry regulating bodies, achieving both the BC Forest Safety Councils SAFE Certification, and the Energy Safety Canada Certificate of Recognition COR. W6 is also compliant on many different third-party safety sites such as ISN, Complyworks, Avetta, and the Ariba Network. 

Quality - W6 is invested in our workers and the performance of the equipment we operate.Maintaining positive relations with the contractors we work with is integral to how we do business. Ongoing training and quality assurance processes help W6 to meet our clients expectations. 

Time - The industries we work in can be fast paced and demand driven, W6 is experienced in dealing with the pressures associated with natural resource industries. Our operators and equipment are prepared to work in adverse conditions, without sacrificing safety or quality. 

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W6 Contracting is a locally owned and operated company situated in Hudson's Hope, in the booming Peace River region of Northeastern BC. W6 is proud to run as a Canadian family run business since 1993. W6 Contracting has grown into a successful and thriving company that provides employment to many residents of Hudson's Hope and the Peace River area. W6 Contracting operates in both the Upstream Petroleum & BC Forestry industries. 

                            A Division of W6 Ranch Ltd.


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